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Revealed Mind Experience Testimonial

 “I was living in a fog for far too long. I was trying to fit in as the person that my parents, aunties, uncles, and culture wanted me to be, but on the inside I was different…

I have been adapting to be able to meet my needs for love and fit in with the people around me, but it wasn’t me. I was sad, anxious, and lost. I was living in a false self-being with bad mood swings, feeling guilty and worthless.

 I was matching the picture of what everyone expected me to be until that picture became me. Adjusting to everyone’s expectations as a kid continues on like a grown-up. I was adjusting to my work environment, and to my friends, but I was sad and helpless. 

The pandemic didn’t help. Being in isolation only worsened how I was feeling about myself. I was more anxious and lost interest in doing anything. I was empty. 

I found Diana’s website and attended a Discovery call with her. She listened to my issues and explained how the Revealed Mind experience works and I felt confident that this is something I have to try. I am very thankful that I found Diana, she changed my life. She

helped me look and rediscover myself. She helped me overcome my anxiety and depression. Impostor syndrome of self doughnut and not good enough. Wille working with her I felt welcomed, she devoted her time to really listening to me and allowed me to be me. I enjoyed the RTT sessions, they were a huge eye-opener for me. Every time we were able to get to the root of the issue and resolve it. The Coaching calls with her helped me a ton to rediscover myself, she empowered me to be me. 

Diana is very passionate and skilled. I am forever grateful that I was able to work with her.” – Swaty P. India, 22y.

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