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Benefit of your perfectionism 


ease your achievements. 

Impostor Syndrome
  • How many times did you think everyone is crushing it except you?
  • How many times did you look at your accomplishment and attributed it to luck or the help of others?
  • Fear that you won’t live up to expectations?

You are not alone, Impostor Syndrome affects millions of people. Now we have more information than ever and it is our responsibility to manage Impostor Syndrome and stop the struggle with it.

The typical 5 impostor types

“I should deliver perfect performance 100% of the time.”

“My work must always be A+”

“If i were really smart I would already know everything I need to know.”

“I don’t have enough experience.” 

“I am going to make a mistake if i take this project, i am not a specialist in that area.” 

“They are better than I am.”

“I just got lucky.” 

“I judge myself on ease and speed: If I were really competent, it would come quickly and easy.”

“I must not fail”

“I believe that true competence is equal to my own, unassisted achievements. I must do everything myself.”

“I can’t ask for promotion, if i ask others to help me.”


“If I were really competent, I would be able to do it all, and do it easily and well.”

“I MUST figure it out on my own otherwise I’m not truly successful.”

Even if you’ve found that overcoming imposter syndrome hasn’t worked for you in the past, let me show you how a simple change in perspective can make all the difference.


With Revealed Mind Experience
we work together to dig deep and find the root that is causing it and overcome it.

Even if you tried different approaches that haven’t worked for you in the past,

Revealed Mind Experience can rapidly make all the difference.

Diana Oskov

About Me

“I used to have a combination of pretty much all impostor syndrome types with the perfectionism and superhero (supermom) being very pronounced. I pushed myself always to be perfect, to do everything on my own and I know first hand how you feel! I know your daily struggles. Having experienced it myself helped me create a successful program where I work with you individually or in small groups to help you overcome your impostor syndrome, be yourself and achieve your full potential. I work with high achieving individuals from all over the world who are struggling to perform at their best. My clients usually feel like a fraud, not smart enough, or undeserving of their success. I am successful in partnering with those individuals because I was one of them.”

Before working with Diana I was a people pleaser, living in a “Brain fog” with huge Self doubt. I struggled with uncertainty in relationships and finding love. Now I am confident. The Revealed Mind Experience boosted my self-love and now I am feeling authentic, honest and free to express my self. I got clarity in my goals and achievements. I found my purpose.

Ways to work with me

One-on one


 Understanding that my clients are seeking rapid relief is the driving force of the One-On-One Experience. This is why I am combining Rapid Transformational Therapy with Life Coaching. 

Firstly, RTT® is really good at providing rapid relief, because it is a method that helps to get to the root of the issue. Secondly, Life Coaching provides the support to establish the changes and reach your highest potential. Thirdly and most importantly it is fast, effortless, and affordable. 

Group programs

Crafted with intention the small group programs provide you with fundamental principles and tools to decode your issue and achieve your highest potential and your goals. Living a more meaningful and truly abundant life. 

Group Programs


Enjoy the empowering recording that comforts you and allows you to reach your new highest potential. 

All recordings come with a complimentary 15min consultation to ensure the best results. 

Discover new possibility

Book Consultation Call to explore how I can help you change your life. 

lets heal together

The pressure from society, culture and the buzzy life in general is greeting this cocktail of expectation where you slowly lose yourselves and start crowing to your achievements. 

What happened to you in childhood is not your fault.  It was not something you asked for, it was not something you deserved.  But it is your responsibility to heal from it.

My program can help you clear your path and reach your full potential by decoding the limitations often coming from your childhood. It is an eye-opening process of  decoding and coding where we work together to achieve your goals. Book a consultation call and let’s start the process of healing together. “

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