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How many times did you think everyone is crushing it except you? How many times did you look at your accomplishment and attributed it to luck or the help of others? Fear that you won’t live up to expectations? You are not alone, Impostor Syndrome affects millions of people. Now we have more information than ever and it is our responsibility to manage Impostor Syndrome and stop the struggle with it.  

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone, regardless of job or social status. It is for all of you,  high achievers, who doubt your accomplishments or fear being discovered as a fraud. This course is for you who struggle with an extreme lack of confidence.

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What if you could spend
60 minutes a week
with me and
overcome Impostor Syndrome?

Join me weekly
for 8 weeks
reach better understanding
where everything
is coming from
how to overcome it.

How this works is groundbreaking.
It’s a 3-Step process that leads you to a Overcome Impostor Syndrome:

Coach, Change, Code

I coach you using unique strategies to find and understand the root cause of the Impostor Syndrome you are dealing with.


Each week, we meet live online where I show you fundamental principals and tools; effective, and proven strategies that allow you to nail down your own personal struggle with Impostor Syndrome

I care deeply about helping you overcome Impostor Syndrome, which is why I created this program to support you every step of the way. 

I do this with online support and LIVE Q&A with me.


You have to do your part – attend the live online events, do the worksheets and listen to listen to a visualization audio provided with the class. These 3 steps is all you need to do. 

You will start seeing your transformation happen, first in your mind, then in your body. You can naturally take control over your thoughts, transform your habits and reach your full potential. 

Feel confident knowing you are on your way towards finally Overcoming Impostor Syndrome. Each day, you will move closer toward the NEW YOU!

Every thought we have is a blueprint that our mind and body work to make real.

In this program, you will experience a powerful visualization that will empower your own confidence. 


Each week, you will receive a new worksheet designed to decode the Impostor Syndrome and support you in the process of overcoming it. 


As we advance, you will receive a visualization audio recording. You play the visualization audio at home to code in the changes that you will be going through. Regularly listening to the visualization audio is designed to wire in permanent change. These changes occur within your subconscious mind, which you will be taking control over. 

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