My first 72 hour fast

My husband and I have been doing intermittent fasting for five years now. Recently, we discovered Dr. Mindy Pelz and found some things we were not doing quite right and could improve on. We started adjusting things right away and the results followed. 

Inspired by her, we did our first 72-hour fast, determined to allow our bodies to have a proper restart. I want to share with you what went into those 72 hours and inspire you and allow you to do it for yourself too.

72 hour fast

The Gadgets We Use:

  • Garmin to track heart rate, body battery, stress, intensity, respiration, and weight. 
  • Oura ring to track sleep, body temperature, heart rate variability, blood oxygen
  • Keto-Mojo – to track ketones and glucose
  • FreeStyle Libre3 – a small continuous glucose metering (GCM) sensor that we wear that allows us to have glucose level readings at any given moment without poking our fingers all the time. This one helped me see that my minerals were going very low at the end.
  • Keyto Breath sensor – allows us to monitor ketosis with a simple breath analysis. 

Are all those gadgets needed? The simple answer is NO. We have been using them for years to understand what is happening with our bodies and they have been beneficial. If I had to pick only one to use for the 72-hour fast, that would be the Keto-Mojo.

intermittent fasting

The things we consumed during the fast: 

  • Double espresso with grass-fed butter and MCT oil in the morning. 
  • Plenty of water throughout the day
  • Celtic salt throughout the day
  • Magnesium malate/citrate in the morning 
  • Magnesium glycinate in the evening

The struggles:

 My biggest struggle was that I was cold. We are skiers and we are used to cold temperatures. However, this was a very different cold; it is COLD, and you can’t get warm no matter what you wear. The one thing that helped me was hot showers as needed, I did at least 2 -3 a day to warm up. 

Detox Epsom Salt Bath

The surprises:

  • I took an Epsom salt bath to calm some muscle tightness, and it worked. I also was surprised to see the water becoming so dirty. Remember, I was taking hot showers to warm up, so my body wasn’t filthy, the body was detoxing. 
  • I started doing dry brushing and was again surprised by the amount of dead skin visibly falling.
  • The clear energy feeling that my body was operating took me to new achievements in my work days. I was more productive, more energized, and absolutely efficient. 
  • I was not hungry throughout the 72 hour fast. We sat and had dinner with our kids all 3 evenings and I couldn’t care less for the food. 
  • I noticed a lot of feeling surfacing as well – I have done a lot of work on myself when it comes to feelings, struggles with generational patterns and certain beliefs stuck from childhood. In this fast I felt love, compassion, understanding, warmth, care, and a huge amount of self love. Body and mind exist together, so it is important to take care of both. You can learn more here. 
  • My sleep was disturbed a bit every night during the fast. I wasn’t getting my usual sleep score, but I was quite recharged in the morning. Still doing research and learning about this.

The outcome:

  • The body felt clean on the inside and out like never before. 
  • The brain operates now from a new clear standpoint.
  • I took the time to listen and watched my body through this process and was mindful. 
  • I felt empowered and super proud of myself. 
  • My face skin became more clear, brighter and smooth.
  • I lost 7 pounds, just imagine how much extra waste I was carrying with me. Losing weight was not my priority in the first place. I was more focused on the health benefits that are activated with the 72 hours fast, I was looking for a fresh restart. 
  • My body was probably mineral deficient to begin with, so I will be working on fixing that part. 
  • I am excited for that new start with more healthy foods that are nourishing and more care for my body (inside and out) and mind.

Breaking the fast

Breaking the fast we followed Dr. Mindy’s suggestions and this is what we ate over long period with about an hour break in between:

  • 12oz homemade bone broth
  • 8oz homemade yogurt
  • One avocado with olives
  • 8oz. cream soup – roasted butternut squash, red and white onion, olive oil and a lot of sage + bone broth and cream toped with some goat cheese 
  • Wild salmon with roasted baby broccolini, olives and blue cheese


If you are new to fasting I absolutely recommend the books of Dr. Mindy Pelz before you start your own journey of fasting. 

If you are interested of learning more about feelings, generational patterns and how to become your best version you can  learn more from Revealed Mind and book a free consultation with me call here.